DIKTIO - Network for Reform in Greece and Europe


"DIKTIO-Network for Reform in Greece and Europe", is a not-for-profit, think-and act-tank, of European orientation, founded in 2013 by Ms. Anna Diamantopoulou a former EU Commissioner and former Minister of Education in Greece. Its aim is to raise awareness and commitment for necessary reforms in Greece and in Europe leading to further integration, to foster the notion of european citizenship and support and strengthen Greece's European identity. DIKTIO has a 7-member Board, an International Council comprised of distinguished experts and staunched EU believers and a solid network of collaborators both within and outside Greece. Diktio's is engaging in a variety of activities and initiatives. It had started the first ECI (European Citizens’ Initiative) originating from Greece: "Do not count education spending as part of the deficit! Education is an investment”.

Its main activities include a variety of public events hosting greek and international dignitaries for issues on the public agenda and development of Policy Proposals for Reforms such as the public debt, energy costs, pension system, health system reform. A bi-monthly Policy Brief prepared by DIKTIO is prepared and circulated widely discussing national and international developments of particular relevance to Greece and the European Union.

Website: http://todiktio.eu

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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